Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Executive Summary:

The Lanark County Community Justice Program (LCCJP) is at an exciting and expansive stage of development. To guide this next stage of growth, the Board of Directors undertook an internal planning process in June of 2015, soliciting input from our staff and volunteers. The Board and staff met under the support of an external facilitator, Toby James, to determine our direction for the next three years. Our values, vision and mission have been redefined to fit our changing role as providers and promoters of restorative practices beyond simply the criminal justice system. We have established new strategic goals to guide our work.

At its core, this Strategic Plan outlines a focused direction for maximizing our effectiveness, providing service to our community, extending our leadership and expanding the implementation of restorative practices. Pre- and post-charge referrals and the resulting community justice forums have been the basis of our organization since our inception and still form an important part of what we do. Over the term of this Strategic Plan we will be expanding more proactively into the community to promote the use of restorative practices and communications in everyday life – in schools, workplaces and other organizations. In addition, we are building on the strengths of our volunteer facilitators to take on more serious referral cases post-sentencing. Our funding model will need to change to allow us to build capacity in a sustainable way.

LCCJP is excited to be at a point in our development to make a bigger impact on our community and show leadership in the area of restorative practices. With experienced staff, a truly committed Board of Directors and a strong core of trained volunteer facilitators, we are well-positioned to implement this Strategic Plan.

Goals and Objectives 2016-2019

Goal #1 – Provide more restorative justice services

1.1 Continue to increase pre- and post-charge referrals.

1.2 Develop ways to provide restorative practices across the spectrum of criminal justice including post-sentencing and disposition.

Goal # 2 – Promote community use of restorative practices

2.1 Improve community understanding of restorative approaches.

2.2 Promote the use of restorative practices in Lanark County schools, workplaces, agencies and other organizations.

Goal # 3 – Build the capacity of Lanark County Community Justice Program

3.1 Provide opportunities for education and growth for facilitators, volunteers, staff and Board members.

3.2 Increase the funding base to allow us to grow our capacity.

3.3 Enhance the use of our volunteer resources.

3.4 Clarify our message and brand so that the community can easily understand what we do.


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